Pure Green Coffee

green-coffee-44Attain increased weight loss by taking a pill. Is this really possible? Judging from the opinions of many health experts, it just might be possible to improve your weight by adding only one supplement to your daily regimen: pure green coffee bean extract. What is even better news is that this same supplement may also produce other welcome health benefits beyond simple weight loss.

Green coffee bean extract is not the same coffee you would find in your local supermarket to make a hot cup of joe. Pure green coffee is produced as a seed by the coffee plant and is used to obtain its extract without the roasting process that is normally applied to the coffee bean prior to making the coffee beverage. Apparently the roasting process alters the naturally beneficial properties of the pure green coffee bean or seed. The seeds are the raw or unroasted product of the coffee fruit in their natural state.

Why are unroasted green coffee beans of interest? Pure green coffee contains antioxidants from the polyphenol family, the majority of which are called “chlorogenic acids.” Chlorogenic acids are antioxidants which have been shown to aid in weight loss, and the reduction of blood pressure and excessively high cholesterol levels.

Lose Weight

Pure green coffee bean extract is most often discussed by health experts as a weight loss supplement. The effectiveness of green coffee is likely due to its chlorogenic acid content but might, in part, reflect that it does contain caffeine. The substances found in pure green coffee extract work together to stimulate dramatic weight loss, sometimes amounting to as much as a 4% reduction in body fat per week. Green coffee acts as a fat burner, meaning that the body responds to green coffee by burning fat as its source of energy. In addition, green coffee is an appetite suppressant, which means that after taking pure green coffee extract, you will not have the same cravings to eat food as you would normally. With less food and less calories, along with your fat burning switch turned on, you will lose substantial amounts of weight very quickly.

Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a substance we need in our bodies as it performs many important functions. It is a waxy substance that is manufactured in the liver and is contained in many animal products, such as milk, eggs and meat. In proper amounts, cholesterol helps the body perform many of its functions in the brain and nervous system, but at excessive levels, it dramatically increases the risk of heart disease. Bad cholesterol, otherwise known as “LDL,” tends to stick to the walls of blood vessels as plaque, and in sufficient quantities, to cause blockages to occur. “HDL” or what is otherwise known as good cholesterol, is thought to counteract and to remove bad cholesterol from the body. In studies of people who have taken green coffee bean extract, subjects have not only experienced weight loss but also substantial reductions in bad cholesterol while maintaining levels of good (“HDL”) cholesterol.

Lower Blood Pressure

There appears to be a strong beneficial influence of chlorogenic acid, the primary antioxidant found in green coffee beans, upon blood pressure in humans. In studies involving people suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension, scientists found that the more green coffee bean extract they gave to their subjects, the greater their reductions in blood pressure levels. The results showed a dose-relatedness to blood pressure, meaning that the likelihood of the effectiveness of green coffee bean extract upon improve blood pressure was very high. It should also be noted that the average person’s blood pressure would also be improved with the weight loss that is likely to occur with green coffee bean supplementation.

Improve Metabolism and Energy

As noted previously, the effect of taking green coffee bean extract is to start burning fat as your body’s energy source. When this happens, you will notice that your overall feeling of energy will have increased and improved. Your sense of alertness will be sharpened and you will feel ready to be productive with your day.

Strengthen Immunity

Don’t forget that green coffee is raw and unprocessed. Because green coffee has not undergone the roasting process of regular coffee, it still contains an abundance of antioxidants that greatly enhance the body’s immunity. The free radicals that attack your body on a daily basis causing various illnesses are neutralized by green coffee’s antioxidants, leaving you feeling much healthier.

Enhance Mental Function

With your body burning fat for its source of energy and an overall feeling of an improved and more efficient metabolism, you will also experience a feeling of alertness after taking green coffee bean extract. Cognitive function is improved when taking green coffee which will make your more productive in what might otherwise be a tiring day of tasks to achieve. With green coffee, you feel energized, focused and mentally sharp.

In summary, green coffee bean extract is great for overall health. Green coffee promotes healthy weight loss, reduced blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol, higher metabolism, better immunity and an improvement in brain function. Green coffee beans are considered safe to take as they no significant adverse reactions have been recorded.