The Obesity Epidemic In The United States

america's-obesity-epidemicObesity is everywhere in the world today. It has become a huge problem as it adversely affects our health and wellbeing. It causes diseases and conditions of ill-health to such an extent that it is considered to be an epidemic in the United States, and it is busy spreading to the rest of the world.

The unhealthy lifestyle of the American culture of fast foods and little or no physical activities, is being imitated by other cultures. With the lifestyle the results are inevitable: overweight and obesity.

Modernization, economic growth and urbanization have caused these changes in food choices and lifestyles. It is no longer necessary to eat healthy or exercise as a part of everyday life. The fast food culture is highly unhealthy lifestyle and contributes directly to the obesity epidemic on a global scale.

Consumers are bombarded with convenience food stores on every corner. In the supermarkets and grocery stores there are more packaged and processed foods, at lower prices to choose from than healthy fresh fruit and vegetables that are essential to our health and wellbeing. Adverts scream at us on the TV, billboards and at every fast food outlet. It is no wonder that people are making all the wrong choices where food is concerned.

People do not sit down any more to enjoy a meal with family or friends. Food is eaten on the run, at the desk, in the car, or wherever it is convenient, not to interfere with productivity, or the execution of the daily work. This is extremely unhealthy, because more food is consumed in this way than would be necessary, as the attention is not on the food, but on the daily work.

Because of the prevalence of motorcars in America, people do not have to walk to work anymore, or anywhere else, for that matter. This leads to a sedentary lifestyle, and combined with an unhealthy diet of high-fat fast foods, obesity is inevitable.

In developing countries, less people have their own motorcars, and are forced to walk more. This is a lot healthier, as our bodies are designed for physical activity.

Perhaps we should stop and think about what is good for our bodies. In spite of all the adverts to advocate fast foods, we have to change our eating habits. Even if fresh fruits and vegetables are more expensive than convenience foods, they are essential to our health. We will reap the benefits by changing our diets and lifestyles by cutting out heated fats, sugar and refined starches, and choosing fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, dairy products and unrefined cereals. These foods are available and will improve your health and get rid of the excess weight at the same time.

Exercise is something that has to be incorporated into everyday life. Walking, dancing, cycling, swimming, anything is better than nothing. Get up and get going, and invite a friend or family member to join you. Remember, it starts with you.