Four Common Sense Ways To Lose Weight

how-to-lose-weight-in-a-weekEverybody wants to fit into smaller clothes, or look fabulous in swimsuits or swimming trunks. The truth is, while some people try killing themselves, there is an easy way out to being not cool with the weighting scale. Just make sure you burn more calories than what you eat.

Here is a no-frills, systematic guide to regaining your lost self-esteem:

1. Tighten your tummy by striving to do 50 sit-ups daily. There is no need to do this in one sitting. What is important is being at it consistently on a day-by-day basis. Once you get used to the drill, increase the dosage. It is that simple.

2. Whatever happens, never ever starve yourself. Go easy on fatty foods such as dairy products and fried dishes. There is no need to abstain totally from these foods. However, if you are still hungry, substitute fruits and vegetables for say, an extra slice of steak.

3. If you do not own a treadmill machine, try walking instead.
Do you know that you can easily lose five pounds by just walking consistently over a week’s stretch?
When you are feeling depressed, take a hike; it does not matter how you do it, you can do it fast or slow, but whatever happens do not do it too fast, too soon.
Studies show that individuals lose more weight by trying brisk walking. However, do not do it without adequate warm up exercises prior to embarking on the regimen.

4. Find a workout video you love and run wild with it. It does not matter what it is.

It could be an old Suzanne Somers tape, or even a Jane Fonda version. If you love to dance, find a video that combines dance and exercise routines.
If you can afford to take ballroom dancing lessons, go for it. The fact is, doing repetitive exercises can get boring, but not with a lively tune.

You might want to hire a ballroom instructor for a few lessons, but who needs a fitness instructor when you can start with the basics to losing weight. It is not rocket science, and it does not have to be a torture session, either.

Hire an expert later when you can afford it, but until then make an inventory of what you can do around you without any expensive investment and see how it helps.

Do not be like some people who buy high-end exercise equipment on impulse, run with it for a few weeks, and before you know it, the machine lands in the closet, or even the local thrift store.
Shed those extra pounds quickly by using your head, not by losing that hard-earned money in your wallet.

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