tyrone and kamlaHi, my name is Tyrone and I am the creator and author of  Health and fitness today. I am your average guy with all the pains and joys that come with living  living life and striving more. I am married with 5 kids 3 for me and 2  for my wife  and life is for us is always exciting to say the least. I have always had a passion to better my self mentally, physically and spiritually and along these journeys I have been blessed with insight and clarity on a lot of subjects, this website is focused on health and fitness.  I have spent many hours researching the web for health and fitness information in order to understand what will or will not work for me on my journey to reach my fitness goals.

I felt compelled to share all the valuable information and skills I learned in an effort to hopefully save you lots of research time and also spread a little of my humor. If you know anything about creating and maintaining website, then you know there are certain costs involved. There’s hosting fees, domain registration fees and of course, lots of fees associated with listings in directories.  Without going into too many details, the bottom line is, all though the information on this site is free, it is not free to maintain. So I asked myself a couple of questions.  One, how could someone with so little skills in web development actually create a website?  And two, how could I afford to maintain a website with so much information?

The answer to question one is practice, and then after that more practice. The answer to question number 2 is affiliate links and advertisements. I try to stay open and honest with everything that I do, I find that with this approach people tend to trust me more , also good things will happen for you when you are open and honest think Karma. Well I think that about sums it up I have a contact page and I have no problem responding to any issues you may find on the site or personal question that you may have for me so feel free to drop a message any time.

Tyrone Robertson