The 3 Typical Abs Exercises That Don’t Work and Why

woman-mat-crunchingSix packs, eight packs, and twelve packs. No, I’m not talking about soda or beer cases. I’m talking about ripped and packed abs. Every hot man and woman already has them, while every aspiring-to-be- hot-enough man and woman pursues them.

Having tight, sexy abs can be the difference between looking extraordinary and looking average. If you want a great body, you can’t afford to have a soft, flabby stomach.

It’s not a matter of fitness. Some people can do hundreds of sit- ups, crunches, and other exercises without seeing very much physical change at all. Being physically sound is not nearly the same as being physically fit for sight.

So how do you take your body from average to hot?

1. Straight Legged Sit-ups

Straight Legged Sit-upsWhile it may be hard to believe, sit-ups are not the best exercise for shaping the abs. Over the years, sit ups have been imprinted in basic fitness regimes far and wide. But despite the touted necessities promoted by P.E. teachers everywhere, sit ups can do more harm to the body than good.

For years, people have done hundreds of sit ups a day without gaining the intended impact in their abdominal region. Though sit-ups take effort, much of that effort is wasted when it comes to working the abdominal muscles. In fact, only about one-fourth (maybe slightly more, depending on who you talk to) of the effort used to do each sit-up actually works the abdominal.

Most people, because of improper technique, make the crucial mistake of using their hip flexors to thrust them into the sit up motion. This isn’t just wrong, it’s dangerous. Not only does this force them to unknowingly work the hip flexors instead of the abdominal, it damages that hip flexor over time.

2. Crunches

CrunchesYou could crunch yourself to a massive back problem, but you aren’t guaranteed to get great abs while you do. The problem with crunches lies not in doing crunches, but how you might do them wrong.

To do crunches correctly, you should lie on your back. Using a workout out mat is a good idea. However, if you don’t have one, be sure to complete your workout on a carpeted, even surface.

3. Side Bends

Side BendsWhether done with weights or without, side bends do not effectively shape the abs. Well, not if they’re the lone exercise used to target the abdominal muscles. If a person does side bends routinely, along with other abs exercises, they will be much more successful than if they concentrate on side bends alone.